Hello Whootowls and Hoovians! This is a blog dedicated to everything related to ADAM YOUNG and DOCTOR WHO! Because obviously Adam is a timelord. I also post related things like Torchwood, Breanne Duren, owls etc. (as long as they have a reference to both the tv show and musician) Submissions are welcome. (url/submit)
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hahhaha thanks! I don’t really update it anymore lol

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"Invisible… Invisible staircase"

(via ifmyheartwasacompass)

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Hi! I just wanted to say that your blog is AMAZING, and I love it! Haha. :D

haha, thanks! 

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sunpelt Asked:
O.m.g. Your blog is the most amazing thing ever. EVEN THE URL. You are a wonderful person. This blog makes me so happy.

haha, thanks!

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Here is my secret santa gift to technicolorsunsetsky! I have also uploaded videos from the Owl City Midsummer Station tour that I went to last year; click here. :D I really hope you enjoy the gifts (sorry that the drawing’s not great…) and I also hope you have a very merry Christmas! :D

-Love from your secret santa, geekygaminggirl 

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"Adam Young" in Gallifreyan 

(according to some guys on the internet)

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this is the most perfect blog subject ever

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Inspired by this screenshot of a Doctor Who post and my own gif set.

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I did another version of the Doctor Who/Adam Young crossover for the anon who requested it. I personally don’t think it’s that good and I could to better. My fingers are cold and stiff right now, though. I’ll have to try this again.